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"Improving the Quality of Your Life" ~ Dr. Eric A. Lane

Tucson Chiropractor

Thank you for visiting our website! We would strongly encourage you to click on the short video below to learn more about "Chiropractic Therapy" and some of the benefits you will receive by visiting Dr. Lane and his staff.

Celebrity TV Host and Author Chris Powell has this to say "Dr. Lane’s holistic approach to overall wellness is such a refreshing change...I love his underlying emphasis on empowering ourselves to pursue a better quality of life. Keep up the amazing work, Doc!"

The Mayor of Oro Valley endorses Dr. Lane by saying "He Has Improved the Quality of My Life."

Commonly Treated Conditions

Tucson Whiplash Treatment

Auto Accident Injury and Whiplash:

including Whiplash, Sprain, Strain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Numbness, Dizziness, Lower Back Pain, Pain in Legs or arms, Neck Collar.

Tucson Work and Sports Injury Treatment

Work Injury and Sports Injuries:

including Sprain, Strain, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Occupational Medicine, physical Therapy.

Tucson Back Pain Treatment

Upper and Lower Back Pain:

including Sciatica, Disc Herniation, Disc Bulge, Protrusion, Traction, Lumbar, L1,L2, L3, L4,L5, SI joint Pain, Sacroilitis.

Tucson Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain:

including Cervical, C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7, Sprain, Strain, Whiplash, Disc Herniation, Disc bulge, Protusion, Arm numbness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet.

Tucson Headache Treatment

Headaches and Migraines:

including MIgraine Headaches, Tension Headaches, Cluster headaches, Throbbing head head pain, Suboccipital.

Tucson Chest Pain Treatment

Chest and Rib Pain:

including Rib Pain,Thoracic Misalignment, Rib Subluxation, Costochondritis, Chest Pain, Seatbelt Injury.

Tucson Pediatric Chiropractor

Pediatric Tucson Chiropractor:

including pediatric injuries from sports or auto accidents, spinal problems, misalignments, spinal damage, neck motion limitations, headaches, and more.

A Few Testiomonials:

As a Tucson Chiropractor, Dr. Lane has had the opportunity of serving many wonderful people throughout the great state of Arizona. You can hear what they have to say on his YouTube Channel or visit the testimonials page.

Mayor of Oro Valley - Dr. Satish Hiremath

"Improved the Quality of My Life! I am a practicing dentist in Oro Valley for over 18 years. What limits a dentist's career is usually back problems. Before I met Dr. Lane, my daily routine was work, go home, try and play with the kids, take medication for my back and go to sleep. Then the next day it would start all over again. Dr. Lane made it possible for me to practice PAIN FREE. I no longer have to take any medications at night! I can tell you without a doubt that Dr. Lane has lengthened my ability to practice dentistry. Also, just as important, Dr. Lane has made it possible for me to enjoy activities with my kids that I couldn't do before because of my back problems. Thanks Dr. Lane! You have dramatically improved the quality of my life!! Dr. Satish Hiremath "

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