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Profile - Dr. Eric A. Lane

Hi, my name is Dr. Eric A. Lane

It has been a great priviledge being able to serve the good people of Tucson, Arizona over the past 26 years.
The greatest joy I have had is being able to treat my patients and see them recover speedily back to full health. As a doctor, their is nothing in the world that makes me more happier.
Please call or contact me to schedule your completely free appointment.
I look forward to serving you in anyway that I can.
All the best,Dr. Eric A. Lane
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Why Dr. Eric A. Lane?

Insurance and Financial
No Out of Pocket Cost-Auto/Work Injuries
Auto/Work accidents covered at 100% (we will bill your insurance and attorney)
Preferred Provider for United Health Care
Medicare Provider
Most Insurances accepted
Affordable cash payment plans
Most major credit cards accepted
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More about Dr. Eric A. Lane
He has been treating Auto Accident Injuries for 25 years
He has worked with Attorneys and Insurance carriers in Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon
His dedication to treating injuries is second to none. Whether that includes facilitating tests such as MRI, CT, or referrals to the very best physicians. (Neurologists, Orthopedic, Pain Management)
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Mayor Satish Hiremath - Treatments - Dr. Eric A. Lane
I can tell you without a doubt that Dr. Lane has lengthened my ability to practice dentistry. Also, just as important, he has made it possible for me to enjoy activities with my kids that I couldn't do before because of my back problems. Thanks Dr. Lane! You have dramatically improved the quality of my life!

Mayor Satish Hiremath

Jackie - Auto Accident Patient - Treatments - Dr. Eric A. Lane
Added energy and accomplishes so much more during the day

Jackie - Auto Accident Patient

Liz - Auto Accident Patient - Treatments - Dr. Eric A. Lane
Dr. Lane is fantastic, he is the best Chiropractor in the state of Arizona.

Liz - Auto Accident Patient

Mike - Auto Accident Patient - Treatments - Dr. Eric A. Lane
I have been seeing chiropracters for years but never given a comprehensive analysis of how to maintain a healthy back. I came to Dr. Lane with a herniated disc. He saw me as it was an emergency early in the morning. Dr. Lane gave me a full analysis, took x-rays, diagnosed my condition, and prepared a plan. My back feels stronger and healthier within six weeks than it has for many years. I am grateful to Dr. Lane for that and would highly recommend him.

Mike - Auto Accident Patient

Free Appointment
Same-day and walk-in
appointments always available.
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